The Brookhurst Club is open for everyone to enjoy all types of Gaming, but there are some rules that we ask you keep in mind while playing. 

  • We do not allow outside food and drinks (which includes canteens or refillable liquid containers). 
  • Please do not sit on the tables, if you need a chair, please ask. We have plenty of chairs
  • Please throw your trash away and clean your table before you leave. We also have recycling containers, please use them for recyclables, not trash.
  • Please keep the area around your table clear of obstacles, you can store your Miniatures Cases or the Empty Board Game box you're playing under the table. If you need help, please ask, we will be more than happy to help you locate an area to store your items.
  • If you need a larger table space, please ask. We can arrange tables if needed.
  • Please keep your fellow gamers in mind and try to keep the noise down to a quiet roar.
  • Remember the most important rule, have fun!