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  • Brookhurst Club 12190 Brookhurst Street Garden Grove, CA, 92840 United States (map)

Grab your spellbook and hire your warband, because Frostgrave is coming to Brookhurst Hobbies! The legendary city of Frostgrave has recently been uncovered and its riches are ready to be plundered. But beware! Not only do you have to deal with the city's magical defenses, roaming undead, and monsters that now call Frostgrave home, but you're not the only looting wizard in town! Join us every Monday at 7pm for the Brookhurst Hobbies' Frostgrave league. Frostgrave is a fast to play and easy to learn miniatures game. All you need is the rulebook, a D20, and a handful of miniatures from nearly any manufacturer. Games take one to two hours, but the real fun is in the campaign. Your wizard and warband can gain experience, learn new spells, and obtain magical treasures. If your wizard reaches the highest levels, he may also get the long white beard and large pointy hat. Truly the symbols power for all wizards.

Earlier Event: September 29
Later Event: October 10