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  • The Brookhurst Club 12190 Brookhurst Street Garden Grove, CA, 92840 United States (map)

What is Tank Shock? It is a series of events planned out by Games Workshop that give a fresh new way to play Warhammer 40k. 

Armoured Patrol is the third Tank Shock event. Players must bring a 500 point army, and are encouraged to bring at least one Vehicle or Monstrous Creature. We will keep track of how many wins each player has over the course of the event, so show up early and get as many games in as you can!

Each player may nominate a single Vehicle from their list to receive a random bonus from the vehicle assets table. For those with no vehicles, a single Monstrous Creature unit may be given the Tank Hunters special rule.

This event represents a sudden battle between two small opposing forces. Mobile scouting parties of this kind commonly consist of a troop transport, but may also be joined by more formidably armed engines of war.

This game is set up and played exactly like an Eternal War: Purge the Alien mission (see Warhammer 40,000: The Rules, pg 143), except that the slay the warlord secondary objective is not in effect. Players may still nominate a character to be their Warlord of they wish, and generate a Warlord Trait as normal.

Exclusive Tank Shock Prizes will be awarded to the top two players, and for the best themed army.

There is a club fee of $3.00.

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